DVS 2000 Digital Video Store

The DVS2000 is our next generation video store that is capable of play hi resolution video files and still images. The DVS2000 is now capable of outputing component signals as well as VGA, S-video and composite.


The DVS 2000 is an MPEG Video playback unit designed for use with TV's, Video Monitors, Plasmas and Video projectors. The DVS 2000 supports MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video formats. Data is stored on standard Compact Flash cards, loading of the memory card can be done by placing the memory card in any PC with a compact flash card reader and transferring the files to it. Various playback options are available including Tripped, sequenced and looped. The DVS 2000 is housed in a sturdy aluminium case measuring only W 160mm H 54mm D 93mm.


Available Models:

DVS2000: Compact alloy cased video store


The DVS 2000 video store is ideally suited to applications in theme parks, point of sale, visitor centres, museums and numerous other applications where video is required.

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