Mini Amp MA50

The MA50 has been designed specifically for use in permanent audio installations where high reliability and premium sound quality are required. The compact size and reliable design with power saving feature, make this amplifier perfect for situations were power will be permanently on for indefinite periods of time.
With a highly efficient class D amplifier capable of delivering 2 X 25W into 8 ohms or 1 X 50W into 4 ohms the MA50 is the ideal product for a wide variety of installations.
Mini Amp MA50 

Typical Applications:

Meeting room A/V installations
Classroom A/V installations
Interactive kiosks
Point Of Sale
In-vehicle sound systems
Voice alarm systems
Intruder warning systems

Cost effective
Highly efficient 2 X 25W Class D amplifier
Compact unit with integral fixing points
Detachable screw terminals for ease of installation
Bridgeable to 50W mono
Power save functionality
Separate attenuation for left and right channels
Power Supply included
Separate Bass and Treble controls
Protected against short circuits and overloads
3.5mm Jack or Screw terminals for Line input
2.1mm DC jack or Screw terminals for PSU connections


 Operating Voltage  12-24V DC, 3A
 Current Draw  Standby <35 mA
   On with no signal <70mA
   Full power 3A max
 Output (12V supply)  2 X 15W into 4 ohms
   1 X 30W into 4 ohms
 Output (24V supply)  2 X 2 5W into 8 ohms
   1 X 50W into 4 omhs
 Dip switch options  1 - Mono or Stereo
   2 - Low Pass Filter
   3 - Left channel attenuation
   4 - Right channel attenuation
 Auto power up level  30mV or 150mV (depending on attenuation dip switch)
 Power up from standby  2 seconds
 Auto shutdown time  No input signal detected for 5 minutes
 Connections  DC - 2.1mm DC Jack or Screw terminals
   Speaker Outputs - Screw terminals
   Line In - 3.5m m Stereo Jack or Screw terminals
 Frequency Response  20Hz to 25K Hz
 Status indicators  Green On - Amplifier On
   Red On - Amplifier Standby
   Red Flashing - Overheat
   Red and Green On - Powering up or down
 Dimensions  115mm X 115mm X 36mm (W X D X H)


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