Dimmer DP4-X

The DP4-X is a compact cost effective 4 channel dimmer pack that can be controlled by either contact closure using built in ramp generator, 0 to 10V input or DMX with optional board.

dimmer dp4 x 

12VAC to 240VAC Dimming capability.
7 Amps per channel.
Wall or Shelf mounted.
Ramp generator for contact closure control.
0 - 10V control.
Minimum and Maximum level settings for contact closure and 0 - 10V control.
0.1 to 250 second fade up and fade down times on contact closure control.
DMX control (optional).
Programming buttons can be locked.

Mains input  230V AC
Dimming capability  12VAC to 240VAC
Phase control  Leading edge switching (Not suitable for certain ballasts or some LED’s)
Output  Maximum 7Amps.
  1500 Watts @ 230v (resistive)
  1000 Watts @ 230v (inductive)
  75 Watts @ 12vac (resistive)
  50 Watts @ 12vac (inductive)
Output resolution  1024 levels
Control signals 0-10v or Ramp contact closure
  DMX (optional) 
Controls Up 
  Lock / Test
Indicators 4 digit 7 segment LED display
  Output LED’s 
Dimensions  360mm (W) x 220mm (D) x 51mm (H)
Weight (net)  2.3Kg


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